Blue LED light 60W laser teeth whitening machine with professional teeth whiten kit

2022 new black color teeth whiten lamp, 60W high power teeth whiten system, 12pcs LED blue lights, sensor control system, you can turn on the lamp or turn off the lamp by your gesture.for this high quality teeth whitening machine, we received many good feedback, the effect is obvious. you also can order some professional kits together, during the teeth whitening, you can get better result.

Products Details

Model Number TE150
Type Teeth Whitening
Input voltage AC100-240V
Power 60W
Wavelength 460-490nm
Illumination density 300-400mW/cm2
Contant temperature 35-40 degree centigrade
Amount of LED tube 12pcs
Dimension of the carton 87*60*40cm
weight 40kg
Warranty 2 years
1.60W  high energy, it is better than other models in market. Equipped with teeth whiten gel, the effect is better. 2. The machine is beautifully designed to attract customers . 3.12pcs cold led blue lights, full range of tooth. 4. High quality raw materials increase the service life of the machine. 5. Gesture control to turn on and turn off.A: Teeth whiten gel:none peroxide, HP, CP B: Mouth opener: S,M,L C: Gum dam: Protect the gum D: Curing light: dry to gum dam. E: Teeth whiten wipe:  Wipe the dirt from the teeth. F :  VE cotton tips: Moisturize lips G: Desensitizing gel:  after teeth whitening , apply it on the gums. H: Dental bib I: Shade guide: Compare tooth before and after.1.  How often is the treatment? Time is not uniform, example If you like to drink coffee and smoke, it is best to use it once a week. 2.  For teeth whitening gel, which concentration can be get obvious result? We support none peroxide gel, CP gel and HP gel, CP is stronger than none peroxide gel, HP is stronger than CP, and high percentage, better effect. 3. What is the role of gum dam? It is gum protector, before you apply whiten gel for tooth, you need use it for tooth. Generally, over 16%HP, or over 35%, you need to use gum dam. 4.  How long does the customer need to illuminate under the LED? Our gel is 5ml, you can use it 2-3 times for one treatment. 8-10min/times, the effect is better. 5.  Can I eat after teeth whitening? Yes, Of course,but avoid cold or hot food and water.

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