Removable aluminum alloy box RF card teeth whitening lamp

Mobile teeth whiten lamp TE120, you can take it to everywhere, you can provide teeth whiten service in  customer's home. the lamp comes with aluminum alloy box, the bottom of the box is equipped with wheels for more convenient carrying. Beside it, we can supply RF IC card model, when you start teeth whiten service, you can open this machine by IC cards.  

Products Details

Product name Teeth whiten lamp
Model TE120
Operating Voltage 100~240VAC, 50~60Hz
Wavelength range 390~490nm
Powerful OSRAM blue LEDs 36 W
Number of the small LED lamp 12 pcs
Led life expectancy >50,000 hours
Control way RF IC card control
Parts 2pcs glasses, installation tool, power line
Package Aluminium alloy case
1. Easy to install it and take it, it is more convenient to provide home service. 2. There are 12pcs led lights, 36W power, the effect is better. 3. You can start it by RF IC card,you can rent out the machine for easy management 4. Simple and elegant design, popular model in market.Teeth whitening kit (TKIT200/TKIT300) Teeth whiten gel (non peroxide gel/HP gel/CPgel) Mouth opener (S/M/L) Curing light Shade guide1.A: what is the best effect with min HP amont?    Q: If you don't use more than 6%HP gel, had better choose 6%HP gel, Choose high concentration as much as possible when conditions permit  2. A: For this machine, Can I touch screen to adjust?     Q:   This machine is simple model, it is easy to operate it, don't need to read manual, you can adjust all set easily.  3.  A: Do I need to use other teeth whiten product to finish my service?      Q: Yes, you also need to order teeth whiten consumables, example: gel, gum dam, wipe, retractor, and shade guide.

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