teeth whitening mouth tray with prefilled gel

This model mouth tray is with prefilled gel,the outside package is foil bag,we can make the teeth whitening gel with charcoal black gel or white gel,hp or cp or none peroxide gel.

Products Details

Product parameter:
 Name  Mouth tray with gel
 Ingredient cp ,hp or none peroxide teeth whitening gel
 Package  foil package
 Color  the gel can be transparent or black
 Service  OEM/ODM
 Product feature: 1.Teeth whitening in salon or dental clinic 2.This mouth tray is with prefilled teeth whitening gel. 3.The gel can be with hp or cp or none peroxide or pap gel. 4.This gel is used under professional teeth whitening machine Teeth whitening gel: HP gel:It means hydrogen peroxide gel CP gel:It means carbamide peroxide gel None peroxide gel:It means none peroxide,do not inclue the peroxide inside. Product display: mouth-tray-with-gel-02 mouth-tray-with-gel-03mouth-tray-with-gel Our certification: certification Contact information: contact-name  

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