bb eyes eye wrinkle massager

This model eye care masssager device is mainly for eye bag removal,relieving eye fatigue,black eye circle,use ems micro current to stimulate the skin around the eyes,to promote the blood circulatlion,to make skin lifting,and relax.

Products Details

Product parameter:
Product name BB eyes massager
Power 2.8w
Microcurrent power 1.3w
Operating probe 1
Voltage 100-240v
Package size 31.4*20.07*7cm
Package weight 2kg
Product theory: The intelligent eye system Through physical lifting technology to activated cell metabolism,the clip with lifting and squezze to revive the active substance of eye skin,stilulate the rebirth of collagen,elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid make skin more compact,strengther microcirculation in the body and increase metabolism,remove facial edema,promote deep toxin excretion,promote cell activity,activate sleeping cells,relief eye fagigue and make skin tightening ,smooth and full. EMS technology Bioecectric current works on skin to increase the activity of normal skin cells ,accelerated metabolism,decomposes the pigment cells that are inactive on the surface of the skin rapidly to remove the dark black skin. Product application: remove faint lines lifting eye round smoothing eye bags remove black eye smoothing eyes relieving fatigue Product display:  bb eyes wrinkle removal-01 bb eyes eye wrinkle removal-02 bb eyes This model intelligent eye care massager machine use two kind of different technolog ,one is the clip it can physical active the skin around the eye,to stimulate the regernation of colleagen,and skin elasticity.another is the ems microcurrent technolog,it can stimulate the dermis layer,to get more ATP,ATP is the important compent of the colleagen,so the wrinkle will be less,and the skin will be eyes      

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