Classical 2 in 1 Vaginal tighten handle CO2 fractional laser machine

Top sell and good quality CO2 fractional laser machine, with 2pcs handle, RF CO2 fractional laser handle and vaginal handle, effectively remove sarcoma, skin rejuvenation, skin whitening. we have many feedbacks from our customers, they got obvious  result , so now it is very popular, if you are interested, I will send you detail information and some video.

Products Details

Laser mode     Fractional Co2 laser
Wavelength    10600nm
Pulse power    40w
Pulse Radio frequency    0.530w
Control Touching switch,microprocessor-controlled
Screen 8.4inch color touch screen
Working mode continuous;Single pulse;Repeat pulse;Super pulse
Scan pattern Triangle/Square/Rectangle/Rhombus/Circle
Dot quantity 400 dots at most
Working mode    Fractional;Ultra pulse
Scan modes Sequence scan or Random scan or maximum distance scan
Pulse energy 10mj~200mj(every stepping:2mj)
Condenser focus   f=100mm
Beam divergence angie    0.3mrad
Spot size 0.12-1.25mm(adjustable
Radiation time 0.1~1ms
Interval time    1-5000ms
Pulse Duration    0.1~10ms
Pulse Interval 1ms~100ms(every stepping:1mj)
Pulse distance  0.1-2.6mm
Aiming beam    635nm
Cooling system water+air cooling
Beam delivery   Articulated arm with 7-joint with 360 degree roatating
Warning up time 5min
Scan Area 10mm*10mm,20mm*20mm,30mm*30mm adjustable
Spot Density 36 spots/cm, 144spots/cm, 576spots/cm, with intermittent loading
Net weight    65kg
Size 64*51*122cm
Power supply 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
What is the application the co2 fractional laser? 1,Application Range of Fractional treatment hand piece a,Large pores, Fine lines, Skin tightening and whitening, Skin loosen(Deep Wrinkles), Stretch marks. b,Various Scars: Burn Scars, Acne Scars, Surgical Scars and Keloid; c, Reconstruction of photo aging skin. 2. Application Range of Incision Hand piece a,Via multiple handles it can be adapted to Gynecology, ENT, Neurology and general surgery b,In cosmetic surgery, it can be adapted to incisions for Blephaplasty, Skin Tags and Ingrow Nails, Compound Nevus and Intra Dermal Nevus etc 3, Vaginal Tightening for womenWhat is the advantages the co2 fractional laser? 1. Three modes of laser energy output are selective: Ultra Pulse, CW and Fractional modes 2. Adopt COHERENT RF-excited laser system enables the output quality more stable, more uniform, more consistent, (compared to ordinary CO2 laser installed with glass tubes) 3. Healing zone volume is adjustable, namely the volume of spots is adjustable in a certain healing zone. Therapists could adjust the spot density upon skin type, lesion parts and effectiveness requirement of different patients 4. Various spot volumes are suitable for different area of ​​the body which maximally avoid the side-effect that result from the overlap of the spot, reduce the pain during the treatment, satisfy different therapiests’ unique request. 5. 12.1” TFT touch LCD, rotated 360° gives you a luxury enjoyment; 6. Reserved entry access for laser room ensures a safe treatment 7. Comparing with existing traditional CO2 Sealed Glass Laser, RF excited CO2 lasts nearly permanently, therefore it deserves a higher initial cost which will be offset by a much lower total of ownership.1. Which aspects of the face wrinkles are better for the fractional laser? A:  Fractional CO2 laser is more suitable for mild to moderate wrinkles, especially small wrinkles that cannot be eliminated by surgery and soft tissue filling. 2. Why the penetration depth of the Fractional co2 laser is 2mm and not deeper A: Because ultraviolet light irradiation can cause elastic fiber denaturation at a depth of 2mm, fractional CO2 laser setting controls the depth to 2mm to change the skin problems caused by photoaging. 3. Is the effect of fractional co2 laser obvious at the time or later? A: The effect of lifting will be obvious at that time, mainly due to the shrinkage of collagen due to thermal effects, but there will be regeneration of collagen in the later stage. 4. What will happen to normal people after finishing a course of fractional laser treatment? A: The contours of the face will be clearly sculpted, and the face will be lifted and tightened. 5. Will the skin become sensitive and thin after finishing it? A: The fractional co2 laser acts on the skin through a disorderly scanning method to regenerate collagen fibers and thicken the dermis, so it will only improve the skin but not thin it.

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