co2 fractional rf tube laser device for skin resurfacing

This model co2 fractional laser machine is mainly for skin resurfacing,skin rejuvenation,scar removal,vaginal tightening,cooling system is by air,the power is 40w,support different scan graph,is easy to operate ,with high quality and best price

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co2 fractional laser machine three handles co2 fractional laser machine accessary 77  FAQ: 1.Do you have ce certification for this model co2 fractional laser beauty machine? yes,we hace ce certificaiton for this laser machine. 2.Do you provide training certificaiton ? yes,we can provide it to you. 3.Does this co2 fractional laser machine has 4.What is the cooling system for this machine? the cooling system is by air. 5.What is the warranty of this laser skin resurfacing machine? one year warranty,if there are any problems happen ,please contact us in the first time. 6.How could i make payment? you can send inquiry to us,and we will contact you ,and send invoice to can pay by PayPal.
 Laser mode:  Fractional Co2 laser
 Wavelength:  10600nm
 Pulse Power:  40w
 Power supply  220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
 Control:  Touching switch, microprocessor-controlled
 Screen:  10 inch color touch screen
 Working mode:  Continuous; Single pulse; Repeat pulse; Super pulse.
 Scan Pattern :  Triangle/Square/Rectangle/Rhombus/Circle
 Dot quantity:  400 dots at most
 Working mode:  ractional; Normal; Vaginal
 Pulse Radio frequency: 0.530W
Scan modes  Sequence scan or Random scan or maximum distance scan
 Pulse energy:  10mj~200mj (every stepping:2mj)
 Condenser focus:  f=100mm
Beam divergence angle: 0.3 mrad
Spot size: 0.12-1.25mm (Adjustable)
Radiation time: 0.1~1 ms
Interval time: 1-5000ms
Pulse Duration: 0.1~10ms
Pulse Interval: 1ms~100ms (every stepping:1mj)
Pulse distance: Pulse distance:
Aiming beam: 635nm
 Cooling system:  air cooling
 Beam delivery: Articulated arm with 7-joint with 360 degree roatating
Warning up time:  5 min
 Spots density 36 spots / cm, 144spots / cm, 576spots / cm, with intermittent loading
 N. weight (kg):  65kg
 Size:  64x60x122cm
Product theory: This mole co2 fractional laser machine is the lates technology for skin rejuvenation,the treatment is through laser to create high temprature,the temperature will make the skin be burn at a a high speed in short moment,you can control the energy and the different scan graph,the effect is very is applied to the face cosmetic surgery,bring personalised treatment to different clients. Probes and function: –Fractional scan probe: Function,through this probe you can make skin resurfacing,scar removal,stretch mark removal,wrinkle removal. –Laser cut probe: Function,through this probe,you can cut the virus,the mole ,skin tag etc. –Vaginal tightening probe: Function,through this probe ,you can use it to do vaginal tightening treatment.

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