Face lifting and weight loss 3D HIFU machine

3D HIFU machine is classical model, with 8pcs cartrisges for face and body, the function is powerful, wrinkle removal, skin lifting, stimulate collagen regenaration and fat loss. Ultrasound can penetrate the skin to the deep layer to achieve better treatment effect.

Products Details

Product parameter
Model 3D HIFU machine
Operation voltage  110V-240V
Working frequency  4MHz
HIFU machine size 440MM*300MM*380MM
Max power  100VA
Fuse 6A
Net weight 10kgs


Applications of 8pcs cartridges: Face: (1.5mm/3.0mm/4.5mm)Eliminate forehead lines, eye lines, nasolabial lines, mouth corner lines, and dilute neck lines. Body: (6.0mm/8.0mm/10.0mm/13.0mm/16.0mm) Make the skin firmer and lift loose fat easily. Lift loose parts, remove excess facial fat, and smooth lines, and weight loss.   FAQ: 1. Q: How do I choose a cartridge?     A: According to different parts, you need to choose different cartridges to operate. For example, there are three different cartridges for the face. The depth of their action is different. For the treatment of forehead and cheekbones, you should choose 1.5mm. cartridge, for the cheek part, you need to choose 3mm or 4.5mm, if the wrong cartridge is selected, the ultrasound will act on the bone and the patient may feel pain. 2. Q: Can we use HIFU to lose fat?     A: Yes, you can use HIFU to lose fat, HIFU can shape and beautify the body line   before-and-after-HIFU HIFU-machine

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