Home use mini LED HIFU ultrasound machine

Home use mini HIFU machine, it is most popular model, one handle with three technology, HIFU, RF laser and LED light,effectively smoothes wrinkles and lifts the face.Comprehensive machines will make the effect even better, and it is easy to take it. If you don't have time to go to a beauty salon, buy this machine and use it at home, it will change your skin condition and you will find obvious effects after several uses.

Products Details

Product parameter:
Power: 5J/cm2 Power: 4J/cm2 Wavelength: 650nm
Function area: 4cm2 Function area: 3cm2 Strength: 5000mcd
Frequency: 3MHZ Frequency: 2MHZ Energy output mode: keying / touch
Effect of depth: 4.5mm Effect of depth: 3mm  
Power supply: AC90V-240V      50HZ/60HZ
Rate power: 36W


Features: 1. Home use portable model, easy to take it. 2. One handle is equiped with three technologys, HIFU, RF laser and LED. 3. Skin lifting, wrinkle removal, skin tighten.   Analysis of the asymptotic type operation effect Immediately: a latte + skin improvement (tight feeling obvious) The first month: a latte + skin improvement (tight feeling more obvious+ skin smoothing) Third months: eye and skin significantly improved (face tight + eye week skin lifting +obvious profile)   Comparative advantage, similar products sixteen 1, HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound effect more precise: Ultrasonic knife strong penetration, can pinpoint the role SMAS layering the dermis and 4.5mm In the use of temperature, ultrasonic scalpel can accurately focus on SMAS layer in the dermis and deeper, the effect is more ideal. 2, HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound using safer 3, HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound noninvasive and more comfortable, ultrasound effects on the skin without stimulation, pain slightly   before-and-after  Product display: LED-RF-HIFU-machine   CE-certification  

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