hydra needle

This is a model micro needle ,when it operate on skin can create a large number of micro channels ,will be more easy to absorb the nutrition,will bring more better skin care effect.

Products Details

Product parameter:
Needles 20needle
Needle colour Golden
Size 0.25MM 0.5MM 0.6MM 1.0MM 1.5MM
Pack sterilization packaging
Package material carton box
Hydra needle function: 1. acne scar removal 2. Stretch mark removal 3. skin rejuvenation 4. wrinkle removal 5. weight loss 6. hair regrowth 7. pigment remvoal Hydra needle features: 6-8 sessions recommended, with 4-6 weeks intervals. -Visual and noticeable improvement in a few days from the first treatment -Cost effective - there's no investment needed unlike equipments such as laser. -Short healing time -No permanent damage or injury -No bruising, infection, discoloration or other complications -Extremely high absorption of any active ingredients -Almost all skin types can be treated -Thickens the dermis without damaging or removing epidermis Product display: hydra needle hydra needle hydra needle   FAQ: 1.How to put my logo on the product ? we can add your logo on the product ,on the box ,or on the bottle,there are moq (minium order requirement). 2.How many times the hydra needle can be used? usually it can be used for 1 time,to avoid inflamation,please do not reuse the needle,because the treatment is insavie,it penetrate into the skin. 3.Can i buy some sample to try? yes,we can provide the sample for you, 4.Do you have ce certification for the hydra needle? yes,we have ,please contact us for detail . 5.Do you have other kind of micro needle for skin care? yes,we have it,we have a series of micro needle,such as 540,zgts,etc. product-certification factory-display contact-name      

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