massager cavitation slimming machine

This model slimming machine combine vacuum ,infrared light,radio frequency,massager roller ,cavitation technology together,to realise more better slimming effect.

Products Details

Product parameter:
LED screen 10.4inch touch screen
Screen of handle1 2.4inch
Screen of handle2 1.9inch
Absolute pressure 80kpa-10kpa (60.8cmHg-7.6cmHg)
Relative pressure 20kpa-90kpa (15.2cmHg-68.4cmHg)
Laser 940nm
RF frequency 1MHz
Rollers speed 0-36rpm
Laser power Max 20 W
Rollers working mode 4type
Safety Testing Mode Real-time online
Handles  1pc big vacuum massage infrared light for body1pc small vacuum massage infrared light for leg and arm1pc rf (infrared light for face)1pc rf (infrared light for eye)1pc 40kHz cavitation for body
Energy Density of RF Max 60J/ c m3
Treatment area of handpiece 4mm*7mm/ 8mm*25mm/30mm*50mm/40mm*60mm
Product technolgoy:  1.Infrared light It can heat the skin ,the depth is about 5mm, 2.Radio frequency This technology can also heat the skin ,the depth is about 2-20mm,and also can rejuvenat the skin 3.Vacuum massager roller This technology make promote the blood circulation,increase the metabolism. 4.Cavitation This technology frequency is 40KHz,to cause air bubble surround the fat bell,then there will create a high pressure in the fat cell,so the fat cell will be broken,to realise good slimming effect. Product display:  n8-velashape-slimming-machine-01 FAQ: 1.Does this machine has ce certification? yes,we have ce certification for this slimming machine. 2.Do you provide trainging certification? yes,we can give you the training certificaiton. 3.Do you provide the slim suit for the treatment? yes,we have the suit for the treatment. 4.Does this machine has limits shots? No,this machine does not has shots,it is different technology 5.Do you have any other slimming machine? yes,we also have cryo fat freeze slimming machine,hiemt muscle stimulator body shape machine,lipo laser machine.cavitation machine.rf slimming machine. 6.Do you have experience that sell this machine to other country? yes,we have,we sell this machine to many countries in Europe and America. please do not worry .      

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