Microneedling RF wrinkle removal machine

Microneedling rf machine is multi microneedle machine, microneedle handle to remove acne removal, skin rejunenation, come with RF laser, it is for skin lifting and wrinkle removal, the result is better than singlefunction.we have received many good feedback.

Products Details

Product name Golden microneedle rf machine
Technology  Microneedle
output frequency 2-4M
output power  10-200W
Therapeuti c probe 10p 25p 64p nano
Input voltage AC 110V~220V~50Hz/60Hz
1, wrinkles, crow's feet wrinkles wrinkles neck wrinkles. 2, facial rejuvenation, compact lifting 3,Stretch marks of stretch marks 4, large pores 5, dim skin 6, red blood 7, skin whitening 8, acne scars 9, sunken scar 10 ,regular skin care and maintenance1. Send RF to the dermis through an insulated needle 2. Less trauma and no side effects 3. The effect of removing wrinkles and firming the skin is very good 4. Use microneedle treatment to introduce the solution directly into the skin.
5. Different area, adjustable depth.
Micro-needle RF machine is a combination of modern micro-needle rejuvenation, dot matrix pixel laser, RF and other technologys improved, through the insulating coating micro-needle into the subcutanepus dermis, the use of radio frequency, laser and other technologies directly acting on the dermis, then heating.

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